One of my former ITH students, Teshale Birhanu from Ethiopia, asked the other day on Facebook, I should share more stories in English. Although I think, our former students should take the opportunity to stay in touch with us by using the German language, I will grab my nose and increase sharing relevant information in English.

Here some thoughts from Chris Anderson about „The Long Tail of Travel

I decided quiet a few months ago to share some ideas with my (former) ith students, now it actually comes to realization. Today I found an interesting web 2.0 project on the internet called Everywhere.

Everywhere Magazine celebrates the belief that travel is all around you. Designed for people looking for authentic world experiences, Everywhere magazine gives a voice to travelers worldwide who wish to tell their stories and share their favorite places.

It´s a magazine, it´s a website and it is a community. I am looking forward reading some inspiring articles. And lets keep in touch – via Facebook or this blog.