5 thoughts on Marketing – Dan Wieden

Dan Wieden from Wieden & Kennedy is one of these people you wanna listen to, don´t you?

We want to know about the people within a company. Who are they? Why do they do what they do?
We don´t trust the companies „business process“, we want a human relationship.

Management of ideas is like gardening. And sometimes you don´t know immediately what is a weed and what is a flower.

Clients & Agencies
In a productive relationship you don´t know who is agency and who is client. They both sit there and try to find out together if this thing will be working.

Today everybody seems to be passionate. At least, it is expected. Make sure it is more than just words.

As simple as in the past around the campfire. Are you a good storyteller or a bad storyteller. Make me cry, make me laugh, make me do something. If you do it on the internet or on a mountain hut, I don´t care. Just move me Dude!

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